Competition Info

How long will I be in Hong Kong?

Comics need to be here for a minimum 3 – 5 nights, depending on which prelim round you’re in.

If I win, does this make me a professional comedian?

Your ongoing success is guaranteed, or our money back please 🙂

Can I use props, instruments or sing?

In order to give the judges a fair playing field to compare each competitor, props, instruments and singing are not allowed in the competition. A small of amount of singing is fine, although not a full song. If you’re unsure if a bit is allowed, please contact Mohammed on and we will let you know.

I have more questions!!!

Don’t be shy, hit Mohammed up at We believe there are no stupid questions, but if there are, expect dick pics in return!


  • HKD 20,000
  • Booked at LA’s world famous Comedy Store, NYC’s Comedy Cellar and Flapper’s
  • Entered into the 2018 Burbank Comedy Festival
  • HKD 10,000
  • Booked spot at Flappers Comedy Club Burbank or Claremont
  • HKD 2,000
  • Booked spot at Flappers Comedy Club Burbank or Claremont


  • TBA

Competition Details:

Local Heats (Nov 11)

  • Any comics who don’t already have spots in the Preliminary Rounds can apply for a 5 minute spot.
  • The top two performers will win wildcard entries into the Preliminary Rounds
  • Maximum 14 entrants. First come-first serve on applications, starting at noon Hong Kong Standard Time (HKST) on Sept 10

Preliminary Round (Nov 12 – 14)

  • Successful entrants will be allocated a spot on one preliminary round show
  • Preliminary round spots are 7 minutes each
  • The top three acts from each night will go through to the final
  • The red light will flash at 6 minutes, stay on at 7:30 minutes, and the mic will be cut at 8 minutes
  • Any comics performing under 5 minutes will be disqualified
  • Any comics still performing after 7:30 minutes will lose a point from each judge
  • Any comics performing after 8 minutes will be disqualified

Final Round (Nov 16)

  • Each comic will perform a 12min spot
  • Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Same judges, comics can NOT use material from the previous round
  • The red light will flash at 11mins, stay on at 12:30mins, and the mic will be cut at 13mins
  • Any comics still performing after 12:30mins will lose a point from each judge
  • Any comics performing after 13mins will be disqualified

Show Info

  • All comics must find the MC 20mins before a show’s published start time, in order to perform.
  • It’s up to you to make sure the MC knows how to say your name
  • All successful entrants will be granted a festival pass allowing access to all events run as part of the festival (excluding comedy classes). If they haven’t registered for a seat in a show which sells out, we can’t guarantee access if sold out. Seats go to paying audience members if necessary.

Judging criteria

  • Originality of material
  • Performance ability
  • Quality of writing
  • Audience reaction

Competition Final

This year’s final will be held on Nov 16 at a theatre TBA.